Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finally out of beta. 1.0 is here!

After 7 months of development I am happy to say GoneMAD Music Player is finally out of beta.  There is plenty more to be done but I feel the feature set GMMP provides matches or is better than every other player on the market.  The downside of this is GMMP will no longer be free.  The beta is now a 14 day trial.  To show appreciation for all the early adopters I am keeping the unlocker at 50% off ($1.99 USD) up through November 6th, so grab it while it is still cheap. 

To see what is coming in future updates, check out the roadmap section of this site.  I will try to keep it updated with at least what is being worked on for the next release.

1.0 (10/28/2011):
-Added error messages when a track from a playlist is not found
-Moved widget processing to a background thread to prevent Application Not Responding issues
-Added volume control to the menu in now playing
-Added randomize feature to the playlist.  It will take your current playlist and randomize the tracklisting.

-Fixed crash when updating notification
-Fixed crash involving adding multiple files to the playlist
-Fixed widgets not updating on track change with shuffle collection enabled

0.30.2 (10/27/2011):
-Fixed crash introduced in 0.30.1

0.30.1 (10/26/2011):
-Updated russian translation
-Tweaked crossfade to reduce potential stuttering
-Fixed another crash on bad track uri