Monday, October 24, 2011

Crossfade / Beta Status

I am nearly done the next update and will try to get it out tonight.  Since I am going to be on travel next week, I decided to push off adding cue support until a later update.  I want allow myself plenty of time to fix any immediate bugs that come up.  The crossfade feature will include the ability to set crossfade times(or disable) for automatic track changes and manual track changes.  I also added an option to only enable crossfade when using shuffle.  I've also made the decision that this will be the last version in the beta stage.  There is still plenty of more features that will be added in future updates, but I feel after this next release it will be mature enough to go out beta.

On another note I think I did manage to figure out the lag/stutter issue that occurs on some devices when using other apps during playback.  I had made a change back in late july which I thought would increase performance, but actually made gmmp consume too much cpu at certain times which would starve the actual audio playback.  The end result was an annoying stutter until the cpu usage went down.  I still need to do more testing to see if its fixed, but my initial tests have been very positive.