Tuesday, October 25, 2011

0.30 Released - Crossfade

It's late so I am keeping this short.  0.30 adds the crossfade functionality which can be accessed through Preferences -> Audio -> Crossfade.  I also added a Russian translation.  If there is anything wrong feel free to update the translations over at http://www.getlocalization.com/gonemadmusicplayer/ and I will include the changes into the next build.

0.30 (10/25/2011):
-Added crossfade with the following settings:
    Crossfade on auto track change (time is customizable)
    Crossfade on manual track change (time is customizable)
    Only crossfade on auto track change when using shuffle
-Added option to replace repeat and shuffle buttons with seek forward/backward (like before 0.28)
-Added repeat menu option when seek buttons are visible
-Added Russian translation

-Reduced lag/stutter in playback when using other apps
-Fixed nullptr exception when track uri is invalid
-Fixed crash in local image search
-Fixed nullptr exception when launching GMMP using the VIEW intent without any data set
-Exceptions thrown by the auto volume adjust when failing to open preferences.xml are now caught
-Fixed issue where playback would not resume from last position after closing