Sunday, May 1, 2011

The one month mark

A month ago is when I started my experiment on creating a music player in a weekend.  It is crazy when I look back at some of those screen shots and compare it to the current version.  I have learned a tremendous amount about the android sdk and have really enjoyed working with it so far.  Besides getting native code to build, everything was very simple.

At this point I consider the "core" of gmmp to be fully functional and stable, so I can now concentrate on adding some of the easier to implement features.  I was able to integrate in scrobbler support today in only a few hours.  Scrobble Droid and Simple Last.FM Scrobbler are supported and will be able to be enabled in the general preferences area.  There are a few minor unrelated things I would like to address and then I will package up a new build and put up a link.