Sunday, May 29, 2011

0.18 - Small Update

I am in the process of writing an audio engine that will let me do a lot more things compared to the build in MediaPlayer class.  I'll be able to support more audio file types, and a bunch of essential features like  gapless playback, an equalizer, and crossfading once it is complete.  It is a fairly large task so that is why this release is mostly bug fixes.

Download here


0.18: (05/29/11)
-Added .m4a to the list of supported filetypes
-Added .jpeg to the list of supported image filetypes
-Added new permission "android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY"
-Improved headset auto play/pause
-Added "Loop Playlist" as a selection for (Playlist->On Playlist Completion) preference
-New Preference (General->Headset Preferences->Prevent Sleep): Lets you set how long
    the device should stay active to wait for a headset to be plugged back in
-New Preference (Library->Song Actions->Queue Album On Song Play Action): When playing
    a single song, add the rest of the album to the playlist

-Catch OutOfMemoryError when loading an image too large to prevent a force close
-Non default wake modes will no longer let the device sleep when pressing the
    power button during playback
-Fixed issue where playback would stop when turning the screen back on
-Fixed bug causing track to play back twice at the same time
-Fixed crash involving an illegal state in a ListView