Sunday, May 22, 2011

0.17 - Improved scan speed + fixes

I discovered a pretty nasty bug that required me to change how the database gets accessed.  The performance should be the same but doing things while scanning should be a bit more stable now.  I also made some minor changes to the album art stuff to make it more efficient

0.17: (05/22/11)
-Improved file scan speed
-Scan notification updates to show # of tracks found while scanning
-Album art autodownloader will try another image if the first attempt fails
-If album art download cannot find anything or is turned off, the track's folder
    is scanned for images to use for album art
-The local cache is checked for album art before attempting to auto download

-Fixed issues with the database being locked causing a crash while scanning
-Fixed issue where an album download timeout/error causes the now playing ui
    to stop updating for awhile

Download 0.17 alpha here