Saturday, May 7, 2011

0.14 - Bug fixes and application crash reporting

Today I discovered this really neat library called acra which allows you to automatically submit error reports to me if GMMP happens to crash.  I added a preference to enable/disable the crash reports but please keep it enabled if you can.  If the program experiences a force close, a notification will pop up that will let you add any comments about what you were doing during the crash.  Once you hit the okay button an entry gets added to my crash report spreadsheet hosted on google docs (assuming you have an internet connection established).  This should really help me create a stable app.

I fixed up most of the bugs I had discovered in 0.13.  Scanning should work now.  Here is the download link and full change log

Download 0.14:

-Added crash reporting (acra 3.1.2)
-Changed music service to switch to a background service if paused when closing
-Auto Resume When Plugged preference added
-Added button to show folder list of external storage to make setting up a scan easier

-Scanner should properly scan entire folder
-Fixed crash involving headset wakelock
-Fixed back button handling on os 2.2+
-Fixed crash in file browser if you pressed back button at the root
-Fixed issue where some devices report a different state value when headset is plugged in

Here is a screenshot of the new button that helps selecting scan directories: