Wednesday, May 4, 2011

0.13 Released

So here is the change log for 0.13
-MusicService changed to a Foreground Service
-MusicService now uses PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK at minimum during playback
-FileScanner uses PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK during scans
-Added preference to set WakeLock mode during playback
-Scanner sends notifications for start and completion
-Refresh options menu option added for artist/album/genre/song that will requery the library
-Added preference use the volume buttons to go to next/prev track (Only works when screen is on)
-Added preference to use the power button to pause/play (Only works when screen is on && not on all devices)
-All views (besides now playing) will return to now playing view when the back button is pressed
-Preference for automatic pause/play on headset plug/unplug

-Menu shows up in the artist/album/genre/song views
-Fixed issue where you couldnt delete the database without a scanpath added
-Scanner was ignoring files who's extension was not all lowercase

The important things to note are that playback will not stop when the screen goes off and there is now an option to pause/play your music automatically when you plug/unplug your headphones

Edit: I have noticed a few issues with 0.13 while using it today, one being the scanner stops after 2 artists or so which is fairly major so use 0.12 til i can fix up the build

Download 0.13 here

Note: I experienced one crash on my thunderbolt when I enabled the volume button override and pressed vol up to go to the next track.. but I was unable to reproduce it... so if anyone else gets that please let me know