Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finishing up next update (1.1.6). Adds disc number tag support, move to sdcard, and more

I've finished coding the next update, but would like to test for a day or 2 before releasing it.  This will hopefully give the translations some time to update as well.

Some changes:

Disc Number Tag - Sorting an album by track number will now sort by disc number first before sorting by track number.  A full rescan is needed in order to pick up the disc number tags.  Also you may have to reselect the sort options in order for the proper ordering to take effect.

Move to sdcard enabled - Users will now have the option to move GMMP to their sdcard.  NOTE: Moving GMMP to the sdcard will completely break the widgets, so do not move gmmp to the sdcard if you want to properly use the widgets.

Multi-Folder albums scanner option - Enabling this scanner option will allow songs from the same album to be located in separate folders and still show up in the library under the same album.  This option will most likely slow the scan down on larger size libraries since every new file needs to be checked against the database.

Expect 1.1.6 to be released by friday