Friday, January 13, 2012

1.1.6 released on the android market and is on sale

GMMP will be 50% off up through 1/20

1.1.6 (01/13/2012):
-Added option to skip to the next track when an error occurs during playback (Preferences -> Audio -> Skip On Error)
-Position in list will be used instead of track number for songs in an album if no track number is present or is 0
-The scanner will now list more paths when clicking browse storage
-Added scanner option to allow for multiple folder albums (by default a new album is created for each folder)
-If album art is disabled, the tags will take up all of now playing instead of just half
-Enabled move to sd card feature (will break widgets if used)
-Album art download location is verified before trying to save an image
-Added 2 new On Playlist Completion Actions: Play Next Folder - Plays the folder after the just finished song, and Play Next File - Plays the next file after the just finished song.  This mode will make the previous track button play the previous file.
-Disc number tag is now read in and used to correctly sort multiple disc albums. NOTE: A clean rescan is needed in order to pick up the disc number tags and the sorting options might need to be reselected in order to correctly sort
-Updated translations