Sunday, January 29, 2012

1.1.10 - Stability fixes

There are 2 new features in this patch.  You can now customize the actions for single button remote controls and there is a new gesture action for deleting the current file/folder.

The rest of the patch tries to address some of the stability issues that have been reported, and I rewrote much of the active playlist code, so it should be much more forgiving with larger playlists.

1.1.10 (01/29/2012):
-Improved playlist file compatibility
-Renamed Multi-Press enabled to Single Button Mode for headset remote controls
-In single button mode, actions can now be assigned to single, double, and triple clicks and
single, double, and triple 'click and hold'. (Preferences->General->Single Button Actions)
-Added delete action to gesture action list
-Rewrote the active playlist for better performance and hopefully less issues
-Made scanner changes to lock the database for less time to reduce ANRs
-Moved processing to find the next/prev folder and file to the background to prevent the UI lagging
-Moved processing of playlist files to background to prevent the UI lagging and ANRs
-Improved speed of listing files in file browser
-Renamed "enabled/disabled" for the equalizer to "on/off"
-Scan notification should now only popup once on 3.0+ devices
-Translations updated

-Fixed issue where clean database would fail if a song that was deleted was in the playlist
-Fixed crash caused by crossfading between a mono and stereo track
-Fixed some issues selecting items in the search view
-Fixed crash caused by progress bars