Sunday, January 22, 2012

1.1.9 - Widgets updated + Audiofocus requests

Another minor update.   GMMP will now respond to audiofocus requests by pausing or lowering the volume.  Audio focus requests were something google added in 2.2, that lets other apps "request focus" to temporarily play audio.  An example of this would be GPS software telling you when to make a turn.

I also went through and slightly improved all the widgets.  Text should now fade out if it is too long and on the larger sized widgets, the text will wrap to another line.

1.1.9 (01/22/2012):
-Added filename to the search categories
-Added option to obey audiofocus requests.  GMMP pauses on AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT and lowers volume on AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN_TRANSIENT_MAY_DUCK. (Preferences->Audio->Obey AudioFocus Requests)
-Fixed album art position in 4x1 widget
-Made slight visual improvements to all the widgets
-Fixed some situations where song transitions would not crossfade
-Album artist tags stored in the 'TXXX' id3 tag are now supported
-Added a retry count when skipping bad files (to prevent stack overflows)
-Fixed force close when skipping bad files in shuffle playlist and shuffle collection mode