Sunday, April 10, 2011

A week later

I was on travel for work most of this week so I didn't get to work on my app as much as I wanted to, but I still managed to get a good amount finished.  I am trying not to spend too much time on the looks right now.  I did separate the app into 3 main views: the library, now playing, and the playlist.  You can navigate between all 3 with the menu.

I also made some major improvements with the playlist.  The only thing visually different is the italics + white font for the current playing the song.  I also made the playlist persistent.  The current tracklist is saved off to a database along with the current track you are listening to. 

I also added some new context menu options for the library.
Play: Will erase the active playlist and play either the artist, album, song or genre depending on what was pressed.
Play Next: this will que up the artist, album, song or genre to play right after your current song finishes.  This feature is a must for people with music ADD like myself.
Enqueue: adds the selection to the end of the playlist

I did some other things under the hood like a massive code cleanup and added logging.

Download 0.06 alpha