Saturday, April 16, 2011

Large library speed tests

I just got finished coding up a new data layer for my player.  It allows you to use either the built in media store or the new database I setup specifically for the player.  It is highly optimized for our needs and also allows me to implement new features such as album/artist/song ratings, tagging album/artist/songs, dynamic "views", playcounts, multiple artists per song, and probably a bunch more.

Anyway one of the issues I saw early on in my testing on my archos 5IT was the default mediastore could barely handle massive libraries.  I have roughly 300 GB worth of music on it and want to be able to easily browse it all using a library.  So I have 2 videos showing the speed comparison between my app using the built in mediastore (version 0.05) and then it using my new database (version 0.07).  Response time for 0.07 is almost immediate, whereas 0.05 takes 5-6 seconds whenever you want to look at the albums for an artist.

This vid is 0.05.. sorry for it being sideways.

This is the much faster 0.07, ignore the crash at the end.. I have not implemented that feature using the new DB yet

Anyway.  This is good for any other archos 5IT users.  You will finally have a music player that can handle all your music.