Monday, April 4, 2011

Results: Coding an Android music player in a weekend

The full story with the challenge I gave myself can be read here: original post

TL;DR - I had no experience coding for the android but the API looked easy enough that I challenged myself to write a music player in a weekend.  I posted throughout the weekend showing my progress.  Here is a video of the end results.  I spent roughly 26 hours coding 1250 lines of code.
Note: I listen to more than just metal. The scanner only happened to get the portion of my collection that was death metal before I stopped the scan.

At the beginning of the challenge I gave myself the following goals:

Primary goals:
-Play any song that is a supported format (obviously) - DONE
-Basic controls: play/pause/fast forward/rewind/next/prev - DONE
-Create/View a simple playlist - DONE
-Ability to browse artists - DONE
-Ability to browse albums - DONE
-Show basic info on screen while playing - DONE

I would have to say this challenge was a success.  I didn't get around to doing any of my secondary goals because I decided to go out on Saturday night instead of staying in to code.  I plan on continuing development on this and eventually making it available on the market.

You can download what I've done so far here: gmmp-0.03-alpha.apk  It will crash if the orientation changes while the app is running, but otherwise it runs quite well on my Archos and in the emulator.  I recommend playing with it in an emulator because I honestly have no idea how it works with phones or any device not running 1.6.  Don't blame me if it messes up your device.  You have been warned.