Monday, April 4, 2011


So with the addition of a playlist I have met my primary goal list for the weekend.  In the album/artist/song/genre views if you press a song it will do one of 2 things.  If a song is current playing, it will enqueue the song to the existing playlist.  If a song is not playing it will clear the current playlist and play the song.  The playlist can be accessed from the now playing view by hitting the menu button.  It should show all the songs in the playlist and will position the list so the song currently playing is in view (if the playlist is long enough to extend past the screen.  You can quick jump to a track in the playlist or remove a song all together via the context menu.

The playlist is not persisted (if you kill the app you lose the playlist).  I also still have to put in logic to automatically move to the next song in the playlist and hook up the next track and previous track buttons to change tracks.  I'll hopefully finish that up in the next hour and then I'll call it a night.