Monday, April 18, 2011

0.08 alpha

I finished making everything compatible with my new database aka the GoneMAD Media Library (gmml).  I also fixed some various bugs and its in a good enough state that I'll post it for others to try.  You will have to run the scan once in order for it to pick up your music.  Those with large collections I suggest plugging the device in and let the scan run for awhile.  My 300 GB collection took maybe an hour and a half on my archos to fully scan.  The slowness is on the android's mediastore's side so there isnt much I can do to speed the process up.  I will write a good scanner in the future which will eliminate the need to get the metadata from the media store.

Download 0.08

Edit: Rapidshare is a pretty bad site so please post some suggestions for better file hosts