Friday, November 30, 2012

Progress Update: Ratings and Smart Playlists

This is very much a work in progress but I'm at the point there is something to actually show.  Ratings are from 0-5 and are on 0.5 increments so half stars are allowed.  The smart playlists view is done, but the queries are hardcoded at the moment.  I still have to create the smart playlist creation editor.

The following images show 2 songs rated, one 3.5 and the other 4.5.  2 Smart playlists were created one showing songs rated at or over 3 and the other at or over 4.  Both songs show up in the first smart playist but only the 4.5 rated song appears in the second.  Nothing amazing but it shows that its working.

Rating >= 3

Rating >= 4