Friday, November 23, 2012

1.4 Beta 3

Nothing too major in this update.  Just a lot of minor things I've been wanting to implement for awhile.  Beta 4 will have the first version of the smart/dynamic playlists.

Forum Discussion

1.4 Beta 3:

-Merged 1.3.18-1.3.19 fixes
-Parameterized sqlite queries for increased performance
-Preference backup/restore feature now requires the unlocker to be installed
-Decreased font size in the Compatibility view
-Improved file browser list positioning when jumping to folder
-Added border and curved edges to launcher icon
-Added xhdpi launcher icon
-Moved database stats, auto scan, and clean database to the preferences
-Added option to run a scan when the sdcard is mounted (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Media Mounted)
-Added scan on musicservice startup option (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Startup)
-The tag editor can now edit whole folders
-Added disc number support to the tag editor
-Added open tag editor as a gesture action
-Added add to playlist support for 'All Songs' and 'All Albums'
-Added option to add 'All Songs' to the top of the song view (Prefs -> Library -> Song Library -> Add 'All Songs')
-Made the playing toasts translatable
-The menu option for now playing are now configurable (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options)
-'Add To Playlist' added to now playing menu + made a gesture action
-Song will now fade out when a crossfade is not possible (different sample rates / channel count)
-Added embedded cue support for flac files
-Fixed single press in playlist view to switch songs
-Split playlist preferences into Queue and Playlists preferences
-Added advanced shuffle cancellation options (Prefs -> Queue -> Shuffle Cancellation)
-Local album art search will now scan folders with "art" in the name
-Added option to open the keyboard when switching to the search view (Prefs -> Search -> Open Keyboard)