Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1.3.19 & $0.99 Black Friday Sale!

GMMP will be available for $0.99 on google play until 12AM EST 12/24 so grab it while its cheap.

1.3.19 has a few good bug fixes for issues that have been around for awhile.  Also the next 1.4 beta will be released shortly.  Enjoy

1.3.19 (11/22/2012):
-Moved most of the potentially heavy processing off of the UI thread to increase responsiveness and reduce freezes/ANRs
-Fixed bug where equalizer view doesnt show
-Updated to api level 17
-Fixed bug where android eq presets would not load
-Fix issue where single button mode would cause next / prev track to be ignored
-Updated german and italian translations
-Fixed crossfade bug where the song would not change and the controls would stop responding
-Album art selector will now properly show embedded art
-Fixed bug where the now playing menu would show up instead of the playlist menu
-Fixed reading replaygain values stored in the RGAD tag