Thursday, November 8, 2012

1.4 Beta 2

1.4 Beta 2 (11/8/2012):
-Merged 1.3.15-1.3.17 changes
-Added ability to change the order of the views on the Navigation bar (prefs -> ui -> view order)
-Added ability to adjust gesture sensitivity (prefs -> now playing -> vertical/horizontal sensitivity)
-Added descriptions to Single Button Actions preferences
-Disabled Jump To Playing in the lockscreen
-Added 'Shuffle' to the context menu which will play the selection and turns on shuffle queue
-Added option to Long press the tag area in now playing to show the Jump To Playing menu (prefs -> now playing -> jump to playing menu)
-Set long press gesture to jump to playing menu by default
-Improvements to random album and song selection to reduce repeats
-Added pls and wpl support to Add To Playlist
-Sped up the file scanner
-Added a preference local backup/restore option (prefs -> general -> backup)

Note: Downloadable skins will no longer work with this version. Later in the beta when all the UI changes are done I will update them all.

1.4 Beta 2 Download

Beta 2 will now allow you to reorder the views in the navigation bar.

The comment tag can now be displayed on now playing and edited in the tag editor

Shuffle added to the context menu which will turn on shuffle queue and then play the selection