Friday, May 24, 2013

1.4.14 - Improved cuesheet support

This update has a bunch of fixes / tweaks related to cue files.  A single cue referencing multiple audio files is now supported.  The beta support on google play is still broken for me so hopefully google can fix that soon.

1.4.14 (05/24/2013):
-Auto download of album art now enabled by default
-Auto album art searches will now wait a bit before searching again when no results are returned.  This is to cut down on the number search requests.
-Added support for nonstandard metadata in cuesheets (YEAR and GENRE)
-Artist, album, genre, and year read from a cue file will now be used if present
-Added support for cuesheets that reference multiple audio files
-Added option to toggle file icons in the browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show File Icons)
-The tag editor will now attempt to merge albums in the database after editing an albums name, year, or albumartist
-Fixed install error on pre android 2.1 devices
-Fixed playing flac files with an embedded cuesheets
-Fixed bug with the Shuffle context menu option which would cause every selection to play on shuffle queue
-Fixed inaccurate times when seeking or changing tracks in cue files
-Caught out of memory error when trying to get embedded album art
-Fixed bug causing split albums during the initial scan (only for files in different folders)
-Fixed all context menu options for the artist view when listing by artist (by default it lists by albumartist)
-Fixed some bugs causing the file scanner from never finishing
-You are no longer able to add "/" as a path to the scanner
-Menu -> Save in the playlists view will now save even if there were no changes to the playlist