Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1.4.11 + gmmp subreddit

Nothing major in this update.  I was able to fix the music service timeout completely.  There were some issues with the phone sleeping causing the MusicService to take a really long time to timeout or never timeout at all.  It should timeout after 5 minutes always now if that setting is enabled.

I also created a subreddit for gonemad music player:

1.4.11 (05/01/2013):
-Added 24bit wav playback support
-More music service timeout improvements
-Now playing/notifications will display the filename when there is no trackname found in the tags
-Added some code to lower the chances of the operating system killing the music service when low on resources
-Scanner will now remove the file extension when reading in the playlist name
-Added option to enable/disable expanded notifications
-'Detect only a2dp connections' is now enabled by default
-Added Vietnamese translation
-Fixed bug where the music service would restart immediately after closing when using Menu - Exit