Saturday, May 11, 2013

1.4.12 - Laggy widgets fixed, samsung multi-window support, and more bugfixes

It has been a long time complaint that the widgets were laggy so I spent a few days reworking the widget code.  The widgets should now be as responsive as the notification controls and the controls on now playing.  Multi-window support was also added to the samsung galaxy note/note2/s3/s4 and any other samsung device that supports multi-window.  The other big change is for stereo 16 bit audio files the balance is now applied to the output before being downmixed to mono (when force mono is enabled)

1.4.12 (05/11/2013):
-Fixed laggy widgets. Note: Widgets might need to be readded to your homescreen to work correctly
-Balance is now applied to 16-bit stereo files before downmixing to mono when force mono is enabled
-Added multi-window support for samsung devices that support multi-window
-Significantly sped up sorting by artist, trackname, and track number in the file browser
-Changed track number on the widgets to queue position.
-Queue position is now hidden in notifications and widgets if there is only one track in the queue
-Expanded notifications will no longer show the default gmmp logo in the big art area if there is no album art
-Expanded notifications no longer show the album name twice
-Fixed some issues where custom lines in now playing wouldnt update
-Text in browser folder list items will no longer be cutoff with show folder stats off
-Added "complete", and "box" to the file scanners year ignore keyword list
-Now playing progress bar now only updates when the progress has actually changed
-Double tap gesture action is now set to nothing by default instead of toggle fullscreen
-Fixed issue with the music service timeout where the Queue and Now Playing would not properly update on track or playlist change
-Balance is now saved when creating a equalizer preset
-Caught exception when checking for the unlocker
-Fixed widgets dimensions on the nexus 7 (they were 3 cells instead of 4)
-Fixed some ANRs

Multi-window images courtesy of one of our testers.