Sunday, April 21, 2013

Expanded notification preview

I spent today working on 3 things.

1) Tweaking the original notification controls to line up a bit better with the other notifications.  Notice the album art now is the same size as the other icons and the text is lined up as well.  I am still keeping the font sizes/styles since I am not sure 3 lines can fit using the other font.  That is something I will experiment with down the line but will stay the same for now.

 2) Adding expanded notifications for 4.1+.  Control wise I am still keeping it basic with prev/next/play/pause, but would like to put some other buttons in sometime in the future.  I did add an X button which will pause playback then shut down the music service.

3)  A new "simpler" notification style.  It does not show as much detail but looks more like normal notifications.  There will be a setting the preferences to switch between the 2