Thursday, April 4, 2013

1.4.9 Released

I'm really happy with how 1.4.9 turned out.  Added a few new things and fixed a bunch of long standing bugs.  The fixes should fix most of the instances where GMMP freezes/stops responding.  Hardware acceleration should make the UI a bit smoother as well.  I also decided to disable OpenSL by default for mp3 playback.  90% of the support emails I receive have been fixed by just disabling OpenSL and it serves no benefit for mp3s.  AAC formats will still use it since the legacy aac decoder was removed in jelly bean.

Edit: I found a bug with now playing not updating when changing preferences.  I updated the apk files.. so redownload 1.4.9 and install if you are not using amazon or google play

1.4.9 (04/04/2013):
-Added a location bar to the file browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show Location Bar)
-Added ability to use custom images for the background (Prefs -> UI -> Background -> Custom)
-Prefs -> Queue -> Play On Select is now enabled by default
-Selecting the currently playing song in the queue will now play/pause the current track instead of restarting
-Fixed local image art search order
-Enabled hardware acceleration for honeycomb and newer
-Fixed orientation lock
-Fixed skin name being cut off in skin selector in landscape mode
-Added option for showing subfolder/file counts in the file browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show Folder Stats)
-Android eq is disabled when enabling external dsp (gmmp eq will still work)
-Added preference to force mono playback (Prefs -> Audio -> Playback -> Force Mono)
-Resampling fixes for alac, wma and a few other format types
-Added some stats about the queue underneath the list (Prefs -> Queue -> Show Summary Bar)
-Fixed drag and drop issue where it would show the incorrect list item when dragging
-Clicking on a playlist in the playlists tab will now allow you to view/edit it
-Added warning when deleting an artist, album, song, or genre
-Reduced repeats when selecting a random album
-Fixed silent crash on some devices caused by exiting the app with opensl off and restarting gmmp
-Removed unnecessary UI refreshes for now playing and the lockscreen player
-Albums with no album art will now respond to press/long press in the area where the album art usually shows
-OpenSL is now disable by default for mp3 playback (it was too unreliable)
-Caught exception in the drag and drop list views
-Caught exception thrown when trying to get the current track of an empty playlist
-Fixed nullptr in ImageGalleryAdapter
-Caught stackoverflow exception thrown by ACRA
-Caught exception thrown when sorting the smart playlists
-Fixed bug that should prevent GMMP from not responding after the device has been idle for a long time