Thursday, April 25, 2013

1.4.10 - Expanded Notifications

1.4.10 (04/25/2013):
-Added "ignore year" option to the scanner. 'Smart' will ignore the year in songs with "hits", "best of", "collection", "compilation", or "various artist" in the album name and in the same folder when grouping into an album
-Added simple/detail style options to notification controls. Detailed = original version; simple uses the standard fonts and only shows track name, artist, album art, and controls.
-Adjusted formatting of detailed notification controls to line up the album art with other notifications
-Added queue position before the song title in the detailed notification controls
-Added 'Show Album Art' option for the notification controls (4.0+ only)
-Added new gesture/single button actions: Toggle Mono, Play Random From Queue, Rating Up, and Rating Down
-Added artist sort to songs view (Orders by artist name, album, disc no, then finally track no)
-Added option to wrap long text in the file browser (Prefs -> library -> file browser -> wrap text)
-Album art thumbnail slots in the album view will now start off blank instead of the default icon
-Single button mode is now enabled by default
-Equalizer band count now defaults to 10 for 4.1+
'Auto Resume' and 'Always Resume When Plugged' now have 4 possible choices: Off, Wired, Bluetooth, and Both
-Playlists are written to a temporary file first and then renamed to prevent accidentally erasing a playlist on write error
-Fixed some cases where the notification would show when it was not supposed to
-'Clean Database' will now remove anything in the database that is in an ignore folder
-Deleting the last file in the queue while having that file paused will now completely stop playback.
-Now playing will now update if the tags of the current or next track are changed
-Fixed bug with jump to playing where it wouldnt work the first time after an orientation change
-Fixed issue where notification would disappear sometimes with 'Show When Paused' enabled
-Fixed crash in custom skins when pasting text into the save preset or new playlist edit text box
-Fixed other various crashes
-Updated Spanish, Chinese, German, and Japanese translations


Notification settings
Detailed Expanded Notification

Detailed expanded notification without the icon

Detailed notification without the icon

Simple expanded notification running on touchwiz (galaxy s2)

Simple expanded notification (galaxy nexus)

Simple expanded notification without icon

Text wrap enabled in the browser

Artist sort in song view