Thursday, October 18, 2012

1.4 Progress Update 1

For the last 2 weeks I've been reworking a lot of the lower level code to make playback more efficient and to decrease the size of the audioengine libraries.  The native libraries are now around 2.2 mb which is around 800kb smaller.  While most users wont care about this, it will benefit the older devices with limited memory.

I replaced the ogg decoder with a fixed point decoder called tremor.  This should significantly reduce the amount of cpu needed to decode ogg (and in turn, fix the issue where playback of ogg stutters with the screen off on older devices).  FFmpeg has been updated to 1.0 which results in plenty of bug fixes for tta, wma, alac, ape, wav, and wv decoders.

WMA Lossless and opus are now added to the list of supported formats.

There is still tons more that needs to be added for 1.4, but I plan on putting out a beta version once these low level changes are 100% and then every so often release newer betas once new features are updated