Saturday, October 27, 2012

1.4 Beta 1 - Add to playlist file, Jump to Playing, and playback support for adts/opus/wma lossless

Here is the first of 4 or 5 beta releases for 1.4. There are plenty more features that will be added.  I've tested this build on a few devices but have not done extensive testing yet so there may be some bugs.

Here is a video of the often requested "Jump to playing artist/album/etc" feature:

1.4 Beta 1:
-Switched ogg decoder from ffmpeg to Tremor to improve decoding performance
-Added opus, wma lossless, and aac adts support
-Bug fixes/improvements for tta, wma, alac, ape, wav, and wv decoders
-Removed opencore dependency for mp3 and aac demuxers
-Improved support for itunes gapless tags in the mp3 comment field
-Renamed Playlist view to Queue
-Added menu option to create new playlist in the Playlists view (menu -> new)
-Added ability to add to the end of a playlist file (Context menu -> 'Add To Playlist'). Only M3U/M3U8 current supported
-Added "Next Track's Filename" to the displayed tags list
-An email address is now needed to manually send an error report
-Updated ACRA to 4.4.0
-Added jump to playing artist/albumartist/album/genre/folder via "Jump To Playing Menu"
-Added "Jump To Playing Menu" to the gesture actions


Please post feedback on the forum thread

Edit: fixed immediate crash on startup on some devices, redownload the beta and install the update