Thursday, October 11, 2012


I was able to fix one of the long standing bugs that has annoyed me the most, the issue where unplugging your headset does not pause immediately and a slight amount of audio comes out the speakers.

I've also successfully made an x86 build but would prefer to get it tested on an actual device instead of the emulator before releasing it.  If anyone does have a x86 android device and would like to help test, please contact

1.3.12 (10/11/12):
-Fixed issue where audio would play for a fraction of a second before pausing when unplugging headphones
-Help activity now says 'Help' instead of 'Whats New'
-Fixed crash when clicking 'Download Skins' on devices without google play
-Changed target sdk to 16 (android 4.1)
-Updated spanish and italian translations
-Fixed issue where auto volume adjust would save incorrect volume when first starting gmmp
-Auto volume adjust should now override any volume adjustments done by the OS
-Fixed crash when no equalizer presets are found