Friday, March 16, 2012

GoneMAD Music Player 1.2.0 Released!

GMMP 1.2 is now available on Google Play (formally the Android Market)

Updated Feature List

1.2.0 (03/16/2012):
New Features:
-Added skinning system
-Added ICS holo dark skin (now default)
-Added silver skin (colorless)
-Added Dark blue skin (separate apk)
-Added album art to the album lists (Can be disabled in Preferences -> Library -> Album Library -> Show Album Art)
-Added ability to view/play all songs for a genre or artist, and all albums for a genre
-The tags in now playing are now much more customizable. There are 6 slots where you can select between 15 different tags to display.
 (Preferences->Now Playing->Displayed Tags)
-Can now choose between showing icons, text, or nothing before the tags in now playing (Preferences->Now Playing->Tag Display Style)
-Added transparent variation of the 4x4 widget
-Added quality setting for album art downloads (lower quality = smaller file size). PNG downloads ignore this setting
-Image size for the album art search is now configurable (All sizes, large, medium, small)
-Added option to download album art to album's folder (Preferences -> General -> Album Art Preferences -> Uncheck Download To Custom Location)
-Added custom searches in the manual album art downloader
-Added "What's New" view for upgrading users to list important changes

Improvements / Changes:
-Playlists button added to the nav bar
-Smoother transitions/animations for ICS
-Other UI changes to improve the look (including some changes for tablets)
-Follow .nomedia is now on by default in the scanner
-Shuffle/repeat indicator icons moved to a better location in landscape mode
-Text in now playing is now able to be translated instead of being hardcoded
-Long pressing playlist no longer brings up manage playlists + manage playlist menu option is removed
-Made widgets more transparent and made text color more readable (widgets will need to be readded)
-Added a 5 second delay to resume playback after a call ends
-Adjusted preamp settings for equalizer presets to reduce distortion
-Removed google image search (google api was deprecated)
-Album art selection view will cache images instead of redownloading them every time
-Optimized all the layouts
-Rearranged some preferences
-Genre view now has an option to switch between viewing artists and albumartists when selecting a genre
-Improved performance of the Artist, Album, Genre, Song, and Browser views
-If "NO" is selected on the initial scan popup when you first install, a scan is run using the default settings
-Rearranged the buttons to fit better in the edit path dialog
-Classic skins now use ICS style checkbox, spinners, edit text boxes, and buttons
-Playback errors are handled a bit better when the default mediaplayer is used instead of the audioengine
-Improved accuracy of album art download searches (auto and manual)
-Playlist loading will now also search the scan paths to find the file if it is having trouble finding it

-Fixed bugs causing different albums with the same name being grouped together
-Album art will redownload if image file is deleted
-Status bar is no longer accessible through the lockscreen player (its a full screen activity now)
-Fixed manual album art search on android 3.0+
-Fixed issue where some audio focus requests were not being properly handled
-Fixed scanner issue where various artist albums would show up as a separate album for each artist
-Fixed issue where folder and file info would show up incorrectly if the track had a # in its path
-Fixed issue with classic skins where the navigation bar button's backgrounds were off
-Various other minor fixes
-Fixed some ANR/crashes when changing tracks or stopping playback