Monday, March 5, 2012

1.2 Beta 1 available for testing

Visit the forum post for the download link and full list of changes.

There is only one new skin (silver) currently, but I will be working the next few days to get at least one different color, and then I will work on the ICS skin.  In the mean time there are tons of other changes that I wanted to get out there for testing.

New Features:
-Added skinning system
-Added silver skin (colorless) (switch to this via Preferences -> UI -> Skin Selector)
-Added album art to the album lists (Can be disabled in Preferences -> Library -> Album Library -> Show Album Art)
-Added ability to view/play all songs for a genre or artist, and all albums for a genre
-The tags in now playing are now much more customizable. There are 6 slots where you can select between 15 different tags to display.
 (Preferences->Now Playing->Displayed Tags)
-Can now choose between showing icons, text, or nothing before the tags in now playing (Preferences->Now Playing->Tag Display Style)
-Added transparent variation of the 4x4 widget
-Added quality setting for album art downloads (lower quality = smaller file size). PNG downloads ignore this setting
-Image size for the album art search is now configurable (All sizes, large, medium, small)
-Added option to download album art to album's folder (Preferences -> General -> Album Art Preferences -> Uncheck Download To Custom Location)
-Added custom searches in the manual album art downloader