Sunday, March 11, 2012

1.2 Beta 3 up for download

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I'll be spending the rest of the week doing fixes of the current beta and barring any major setbacks, 1.2 should be on the market (google play.. what a bad name) by thurs/friday.

I will say I'm loving the new ICS skin.

Beta3 Download:
Updated Classic Dark Blue Skin:

I ran into a VERY weird issue today which set me back awhile, but I came up with a work around that seems to do its job. For some reason on the classic cyan skin.. the album button just would refuse to show up on a bunch of the older emulators and devices I tested on. I made a copy of that album icon and named it something different.. and everything seemed to work. Im baffled but that fix will have to do for now.

Known issues:
-The skin selector SUCKS. It's really sketchy when trying to scroll left or right. Im not sure why but I plan on improving that part a bunch in the next week before 1.2 goes on the market. Some changes would be to list how many skins are available, the names, and buttons to switch between them instead of relying on the swipe.

-Devices running 4.0+ might experience some weird "focus" issues. The ICS holo dark skin experiences it the least, so I recommend using that. These wont be fixed until i switch everything over to use fragments (hopefully that will fix it). The issue is purely cosmetic, so everything should function properly.

-The vertical EQ bars are slightly off in the ICS Holo skin on the archos 5IT.

1.2 Beta 3:
-Fixed crash when starting a scan using an external skin
-Skins are properly reloaded after a crash
-Classic skins now use ICS style checkbox, spinners, edit text boxes, and buttons
-Rearranged the buttons to fit better in the edit path dialog
-If "NO" is selected on the initial scan popup when you first install, a scan is run using the default settings
-Added ICS holo dark skin (now default)
-Fixed issue with classic skins where the navigation bar button's backgrounds were off