Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tasker integration + more fixes (1.1.4)

I had received a request to support Tasker's  %MTRACK variable.  In 1.1.4 I not only added support for %MTRACK, but also added custom variables for album (%MALBUM), artist(%MARTIST), and track number (%MTRACKNO).  Turn on task integration by going to Preferences -> General -> Tasker Integration.  The only other change besides bug fixes is the file browser will now ignore case when sorting folders/files alphabetically.

This will most likely be the last update of the year since I am taking some time off for the holidays

1.1.4 (12/21/2011):
-Sorting in the file browser is now case insensitive
-Added Tasker integration.  Populates the following variables: %MTRACK %MARTIST %MALBUM %MTRACKNO
-Fixed crash when advancing to the next track with a remote control
-Fixed crash when deleting a file fails
-Fixed issue where album art would not write to disk which prevented the album art from showing in widgets
-Caught exception that can be thrown when unregistering the UIControlReceiver
-Added permission