Friday, December 16, 2011

1.1 patches + sale extension

The 75% off sale has been extended through sunday 12/18.  Grab it while its cheap.

Throughout the week I pushed out 3 minor patches.  Changelog is below.

1.1.3 (12/16/2011):
-Fixed crash that could occur when receiving a phone call
-Long press of playlist button will launch the manage playlist view
-Moved widget button handling to a background thread to hopefully reduce the amount of ANRs
-Updated german translation
-Improved recognition of storage folders for "Browse Storage" in the scanner
-Playlist edit mode is now persistent

1.1.2 (12/12/2011):
-Fixed some compatibility issues with 2.2 and 4.0 devices
-Gapless playback is now enabled by default
-Headset/remote controls are now enabled by default
-Preamp and balance now scroll with the other equalizer bands

1.1.1 (12/11/2011):
-Updated german translation
-Changed list items in artist/album/genre views to use translations
-Changed 'On Select (Playing)' preference's default value to 'play' instead of 'enqueue'
-Fixed crash when playing next/previous folder