Friday, December 9, 2011

1.1 is now released and 75% off on the android market for a limited time.

1.1 contains some major updates and new features including a lockscreen player, search view, and a customizable gesture system.  Since the android market is running a massive sale in celebration on 10 billion market downloads, I thought I would join in.  GMMP will be 99 cents until the sale ends.  It may take a little while for the price change to show up.

Most of the new features are fairly straightforward besides the new gesture system.  The gesture system allows you to bind an action to a gesture.  The gestures include: Single tap, double tap, fling left/right/up/down, and long press.  These gestures are done in the now playing window where the song info and album art is shown.  The bindable actions are as follows: None, Play Next Track, Play Previous Track, Play Next Folder, Play Previous Folder, Toggle Media Controls, Toggle Shuffle, Toggle Repeat, Seek Forward, Seek Back, Play/Pause, Show Volume Dialog, Volume Up, Volume Down, Jump To Time, and Sleep Timer

GoneMAD Music Player 1.1 Trial
GoneMAD Music Player Unlocker

Full changelog:
-Added lockscreen player (requires 2.0 or higher)
-Added search capabilities
-Added 4x4 widget
-Added custom gesture control options (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Customize Gestures)
-Long press of next or previous track buttons in now playing will move to the next or previous folder.
-Added preference to crossfade when gapless data is missing
    (Preferences -> Audio -> Crossfade -> Disable When Gapless)
-Now playing now has customizable font size and optional icons to replace the artist/album/track/genre text
    (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Font Size & Use Metadata Icons)
-Added delete option to the file browser
-Added "Delete Without Confirmation" option where you will not be prompted when deleting a file/folder
-Widget update service will now shutdown along with the music service
-Added MusicService idle timeout option (Preferences -> General -> Music Service Timeout). After 5 minutes
    of inactivity, the music service will shutdown.  NOTE: headset/bluetooth controls will not function without
    the MusicService running
-Added option to ignore the "The" prefix in artist names when sorting
    (Preferences -> Library -> Artist Library -> Ignore Prefix When Sorting)
-Added traditional back button behavior support (Preferences -> General -> Traditional Back Button)
-Added Italian and German translations
-Improved playback error handling
-Set default equalizer band count to 4

-Caught out of memory exception when trying to destroy the media controls
-Resized status icon to comply with android standards
-Fixed issue where removing current view from nav bar would cause you to get stuck on that view
-Fixed crash when the android equalizer class cannot be found
-Fixed crash when trying to play a file that doesnt exist