Wednesday, July 20, 2011

0.22 - Bluetooth Controls + Loading/Saving Playlists

I added the ability to use bluetooth to control gmmp.  The player should respond to play/pause/stop/next/prev/ffwd/rwd.  Playlist support has been improved as well.  You also can now save and load playlists from the playlist view.  The file browser will show m3u files as well and let you load them from there just like any other media file.

Download 0.22 alpha here

0.22: (07/20/11)
-Renamed native libraries with a gm_ prefix to prevent conflicts with
    system libraries already on the device
-Added bluetooth controls (Play/Pause/Next/Prev/FFwd/Rwd)
-M3U playlist files are now supported in the file browser
-Save/Load playlist options added in playlist view
-"Playlist Storage Path" option added (Preferences->Playlist->Playlist Storage Path)
-Added an exit option to shutdown the background MusicService and close out of gmmp
-Added track time and number in playlist to list items in playlist view
-Added option to word wrap track name in playlist
-Added "format album/artist tags" option to the filescanner, this will make the album
    and artist tags propercase ie: "a dAy To rEmember" will format to "A Day To Remember"

New look for the playlist.  This is with word wrapping on
Word wrapping off
M3U file in the file browser
New scan option to toggle the formatting of artist/album tags
Load / Save options