Friday, July 15, 2011

0.21.1 - Memory fixes

edit:  I had originally posted a broken build earlier last night so if gapless playback or flac playback doesn't work download it again from the link below.

Before I started working on this project, I had not touched java in a few years.  I had completely forgotten how easy it is to leak memory in java.  Memory issues are not something you typically associate with a language that uses garbage collection.  There is a good article on the android dev site about preventing memory leaks:

Anyway I went through every single class in my app and made sure things properly are cleaning up.  If you were having issues with 0.21 definitely give this a try.

Download 0.21.1 Alpha here

0.21.1: (7/15/11)
-Caught exception thrown in the compatability view if the audioengine doesnt properly load
-Properly handle errors that occur in the audioengine library
-Improved memory usage and stability
-Audioengine: fixed bug that prevented the decoders and file readers from being
    properly cleaned up causing a major memory leak