Wednesday, July 13, 2011

0.21 Released

The next version is here.  With the new icons it looks a bit better.  Check the changelog for all of the updates.

Download 0.21 alpha here

0.21: (7/12/11)
-Updated error reporting library to ACRA 4.2.3
-Added additional error reporting options: Always Accept, Include System Logs, and Include Device Id
-Added new icons for the quick nav bar and file browser
-Browser view will fall back to the external storage path as a default if no other paths are found
-Playback will paused when receiving a phone call
-Preference added to resume playback after ending a phone call (Preferences->General->Resume On Call End)
-READ_PHONE_STATE permission added (for pausing playback when a phone call is received)
-Added support for embedded album art for mp3, flac, wma, mp4/m4a, and anything else using id3v2 tags
-Added statistics to the genre view (artist count, album count, track count)
-Added filetype compatibility check on startup.
-Added compatibility view which will show playback and gapless support of each filetype
    (Preferences->Audio->Show Compatibility)
-Audioengine: Added support for songs with a single channel (mono) and sample rates other than 44.1hz (8khz-48khz)
-Audioengine: Playback Thread priority is now configurable (Preferences->Audio->Playback Priority)
-Removed armeabi-v7 versions of the native libraries.  The apk should be half the size now.

-Audioengine: fixed crash from race condition when playback ends and starts
    again immediately (play random on playlist completion)
-Audioengine: fixed another crash from a race condition when starting playback on a file
-Audioengine: Fixed major memory leak when seeking mp3 or aac
-Fixed crash in browser view if there are no folders/files
-Fixed track notification not updating if you select a new track to play
-Fixed some memory leaks in all of the activity classes
-Fixed crash in browser when trying to sort folders by filetype