Saturday, January 31, 2015

1.9.13 (2.0 Beta 4)

Forgot to post this the other day.  Its looking like 2.0 is about one or 2 more beta releases away from being finished

1.9.13 (2.0 Beta 4) (01/29/2014):
-Added "Add To Playlist" to the queue
-Added "Rating" menu option to tracks in smart playlists
-Added error message if the x86 version of gmmp is ran on an ARM based device
-Added an option to do nothing when long pressing the shuffle button instead of playing a random track or album
-Added warning to delete database option in the scanner
-Added refresh option to the album art selection activity.  This will update the art if it was changed outside of GMMP
-Added option to hide shuffle/repeat buttons in now playing
-Embedded art for a track will now take priority over the art associated with the album in the database
-Improved performance when fast scrolling long playlists
-Updated glide, androidasync, materialedittext, and butterknife
-Updated translations
-Fixed issue where setting the starting view to now playing, and then right swiping to use the navigation drawer would result in multiple views being loaded at the same time overlapping
-Fixed dsp issues, so replaygain fix is now added back
-Security fixes