Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1.9.11 (2.0 Beta 3)

I've been pretty busy with the holidays and my day job so Beta 3 is mostly bug fixes, but I added in a few new things that you guys have been requesting a lot.  Update will be live in a few hours.

1.9.11 (2.0 Beta 3) (01/14/2014):
-Added ability to set the starting view (Prefs -> UI -> Starting View)
-Swiping left/right on the mini player controls in material themes will now change tracks
-Added ability to reorder library views in material themes

-Readded the following intents: gonemad.gmmp.action.PLAY, gonemad.gmmp.action.PAUSE, gonemad.gmmp.action.STOP, gonemad.gmmp.action.TRACK_CHANGE
-Updated translations

-Fixed audio artifacts caused by a positive replaygain value
-Fixed %tn% in the widgets
-Fixed issue where highlighted song in the queue is incorrect after removing a track or randomizing
-Fixed issue where album art in widget disappears
-Widgets without album art can open GMMP by clicking anywhere on the widget (besides the buttons)
-Fixed issue where the scanner would skip certain folders
-Fixed issue where some views would not load immediately after changing themes
-Fixed issue where the same song repeats when casting
-Fixed sleep timer not working correctly after being used once
-Lockscreen controls will now correctly show the proper song name for cue files