Thursday, February 27, 2014

Based on the crash reports, I got there were no major issues with 1.5 besides a few minor features that stopped working.  I fixed the broken features that were reported and tried to get as many crashes fixed up that I could.

I will be moving into a new place this weekend so I will probably be mostly unavailable for the next week or so.

Please note that any user that purchased the unlocker through amazon needs to install the trial through amazon as well.  Amazon resigns all the apks that I upload making the incompatible with google play. (02/27/2014):
-Fixed 'Traditional Back Button' option and 'Double Back to Exit'
-The edit preset button is now enabled when the default preset is set
-Show album art is now enabled by default as a menu option in now playing
-Screen rotation will no longer reset the album art search text
-Added warning if the installed unlocker is invalid.  An outdated version or an incompatible version (amazon unlocker with google play trial) will trigger the warning.
-Updated translations
-Fixed some crashes caused by list item items not being able to be created
-Fixed crash in the preferences activity
-Fixed crash in the library views on shutdown
-Fixed crash shutting down the queue view
-Fixed crash loading the preferences on gingerbread
-Fixed crash setting/resetting the rating in now playing
-Fixed crash when enabling the virtualizer (or setting the strength) on devices that do not support it
-Fixed crash setting the total time in the queue
-Caught exception when pasting text into a text box in GMMP running a skin on a Xiaomi MI 2S
-Fixed crash when a user denies GMMP the READ_PHONE_STATE permission
-Fixed crash on shutdown on Amazon devices
-Fixed crash adjusting volume
-Fixed other various crashes
-Fixed crash in album art selector
-Fixed crash playing a song in a smart playlist
-Fixed crash showing lyrics
-Fixed crash in effects layout
-Fixed crash closing scanner activity