Monday, February 10, 2014

1.5 Beta 4

I been working like crazy over the last 2 weeks to try and finish up 1.5, so here is the last 1.5 beta release.  Anything after this will just be bug fixes.  I've finished one of the skins and will be doing the rest of the skins this week (I'll probably have the other holo skins up tomorrow).  Check this post for links for the skins:

1.5.b4.0 (02/10/2014):
-Removed classic silver and classic cyan skins (they will available as external skins eventually)
-Added the ability to select the font size, font style, number of lines, display style, and text alignment for each metadata line in now playing
-Changed around the default look of the metadata on now playing.  Text is centered and the icons are turned off. All six slots have been reset to make sure these changes take effect.
-Reset all the slots
-Changed single click and hold's default action to none to prevent accidentally toggling shuffle
-Removed shuffle and repeat indicator; the shuffle and repeat button now uses different button images to represent the shuffle/repeat mode
-Shuffle and repeat buttons are now visible next to the seek bar in now playing when seek bar buttons are enabled
-Prevent the queue from looping on error
-EQ preset will now only change to "custom" if the bands were changed after editing
-Added support for resizable widgets
-AVRCP 3.0 fix is now applied to both 4.3 and 4.4 samsung devices (excluding galaxy nexus since it does not run touchwiz)
-Added better visual touch feedback to the buttons in now playing, notifications, and widgets
-Added higher res icons
-Added animations when adding / removing new rules in smart playlists and when toggling the media controls in now playing
-Added ability to turn off the navigation bar (choose "off" when setting the navigation bars location)
-Split seek time preference into 2; one for seek forward and one for seek back
-Last played time is now saved in the stats backup
-Added intents to automate backup/restore for users that purchased the unlocker: gonemad.gmmp.action.BACKUP_STATS, gonemad.gmmp.action.BACKUP_SETTINGS, gonemad.gmmp.action.RESTORE_STATS, gonemad.gmmp.action.RESTORE_SETTINGS
-Added play next album and play previous album to the gesture/single button actions.  Fling up and down are now defaulted to next/prev album.  Next/prev album will order all the albums by artist then album name and then pick the next/previous one.
-Added ability to rename views/tabs (prefs -> ui -> rename views)
-Added toggle to switch between split and regular tablet modes
-A random song will be enqueued when GMMP is first ran after installation.  This is to prevent the black screen
-Native libraries are now always extracted from assets on install/update due to some bugs in the android apk installer
-Added warning when enabling bass boost/virtualizer since not all devices support these effects
-Fixed various crashes
-Added options to scan mp4 and 3gp files to the scanner (both are off by default since they are typically video extensions)
-Improved responsiveness of the plus/minus buttons in the jump to time dialog
-On honeycomb and higher, the default holo theme is used for dialogs/popups for skins.  This is to prevent a mismatch of colors from the skins