Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dashclock Extension Update + Floating Notification Extension Beta

I posted a new build of the DashClock Music Extension (1.7.0) that adds support for Amazon MP3.  If you install the update and are currently listening to a song in amazon mp3, you must change tracks before it will properly show up.

I also wanted to officially announce the beta of my Music Extension for Floating Notifications.   It will display the playing track and artist along with music controls.  There is also a pro upgrade you can purchase which will show album art instead of the play icon (this works for most players but just in case I provided a way to test to see if your album art shows up before purchasing the upgrade).  Please note you must download the beta of Floating Notifications as well.

How to join:
1) Join this G+ community:
2) Join the beta: