Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've made some decent process on transitioning the UI over to using fragments. Im trying to do a bunch of code cleanup in the process so it is taking quite some time.  In the meantime here are some more bugfixes.  If this release causes any issues please uninstall/reinstall before filling a bug report.  There is nothing in this release that should make anything worse; its all simple bug fixes. (08/07/2013):
-Albums view 'Artist Asc/Desc' sort now sorts by Artist then AlbumName
-Added 'Artist - Album Year Asc/Desc' sort option for albums view
-Fixed issue where auto pause/resume would be applied until the option was changed in the preferences.
-Fixed case where album art would not update in now playing after selecting a new image
-Fixed crash when trying to read unknown id3 frames
-Fixed potential crash when reading an invalid adts aac file
-Bookmarks are now properly saved when exiting or letting the music service timeout
-Fixed bug with restoring bookmarks if the crossfade preference was never turned on at some point