Sunday, February 17, 2013


I believe most of the bugs reported to me have been fixed, so I should be able to go back to adding new functionality.

1.4.5 (02/17/2013):
-Fixed issue playing a song from an external browser when the database was just reset or no track was selected to play
-Fixed crash caused by invalid replaygain tags
-Id3v2 tags with the extended header flag improperly set can now be read
-More AVRCP 1.3 fixes
-The keyboard will no longer go fullscreen when in landscape mode
-Improved loading speed for album art loading in album view
-Added refresh menu option to browser view
-Fixed slide right to delete (edit mode only) in queue view
-Fixed issue where next/prev folder would skip subfolders of folders with music files in it
-Clicking the album art when viewing an albums track list will now play the album
-Added album artist to tag editor for artists, tracks, and files
-Fixed some dialog related crashes
-Local image search will skip subfolders with .nomedia in it