Thursday, February 7, 2013

1.4.4 - AVRCP 1.3 fix + Smoother scrolling

I made a few simple changes in the list view's code and it resulted in much smoother scrolling.  AVRCP 1.3 should be fixed on devices that support it now.  This fix broadcasts some new intents which might cause duplicate scrobbles if you have the simple scrobbler setting enabled, so I reset this value.  In simple scrobbler, the tracks you play should show up under the default "Android Player"

1.4.4 (02/07/2013):
-Playback should now go to the next track when shuffle is enabled and a playback error occurs
-Playlist files can now be played via intents/external file browsers
-Scan notifications will now auto cancel on completion if 0 files are found
-Improved scrolling smoothness on most list views
-Updated German translation
-Fixed issue where the ICS lockscreen music controls would not show up
-Fixed AVRCP 1.3 on many devices
-Fixed name sort and added filename sort for the smart view
-Fixed repeat issue related to playing files from external file browsers
-Fixed bug with scanning embedded cues
-Fixed bug where next track would not update in now playing
-Fixed issue where the song title was blank in the notification controls for songs referenced in a .cue file
-Fixed bug where embedded art would be overridden by an image in the albums folder
-Fixed bug tracks from embedded cues would not properly load in the queue when starting GMMP
-Files with embedded cuesheets no longer add to the scan count if the file was already scanned.