Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1.4.3 - Ratings now read from tags

When I was working on the 1.4 update, I had written a bunch of code to extract ratings out of tags, but I apparently forgot to add the rating extraction to the scanner.  The scanner will now read ratings from the files so importing ratings is a bit easier.

1.4.3 (01/30/13):
-Added option to bypass the android keyguard/lockscreen (Prefs -> General -> Lockscreen -> Bypass Keyguard)
-A .nomedia file is now added to the default album art location (gmmp/albumart) when its first created
-Added /Removable, /extSdCard, and /storage/sdcard1 as default paths if they exist on the device
-Added options to add/remove 'All Songs' and 'All Albums' from the genre view (Prefs -> Library -> Genre -> Add 'All Songs' / Add 'All Albums'
-Added options to add/remove 'All Songs' from the artist view (Prefs -> Library -> Artist -> Add 'All Songs'
-Genre tags are now only formatted when the format tags option is enabled in the scanner (requires rescan)
-Toggling repeat will now update the next track accordingly on now playing
-Fixed next/prev track with repeat on to always repeat the current track
-The android EQ will attempt to be used if the GM dsp library fails to load
-Fixed crash with the context menu in the queue view
-Fixed crash involving notifications when a few consecutive tracks fail to play
-Reset 'Disable ICS Lockscreen Controls' preference and added a warning due to it disabling AVRCP 1.3 support
-File scanner will now read the rating from the tags and store it in the database
-Fixed issue where previously scanned files had a 'null' rating instead of 0
-Added sort options to the top level of the smart view (Name and Date)
-Updated Spanish, German, and Japanese translations
-Fixed bug where the next track's metadata would show up blank in now playing
-Fixed reading cue files that start with a track number higher than 1