Sunday, January 6, 2013

1.4.0 Released!

Its finally here.

Google Play

Amazon will probably take a week or so to approve the update

1.4.0 (01/06/13):
-Added smart playlists
-Added recently played and recently added as default smart playlists
-Added completely customizable metadata lines for now playing
-Added AAC-ADTS/3GP support for android 4.0+
-Added backup/restore for playcounts/ratings (Prefs -> General -> Backup)
-Added song ratings
-Headset/bluetooth media controls (next/prev/rrwd/ffwd/stop) can be assigned custom actions
-Added Date Added and Last Played to the database
-Scanner now populates date added when scanning
-Last played and playcount are now updated when a song finishes playing
-Added xhdpi launcher icon
-Added option to run a scan when the sdcard is mounted (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Media Mounted)
-Added scan on musicservice startup option (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Startup)
-Added disc number support to the tag editor
-Added open tag editor as a gesture action
-Added option to add 'All Songs' to the top of the song view (Prefs -> Library -> Song Library -> Add 'All Songs')
-The menu options for now playing are now configurable (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options)
-Added embedded cue support for flac files
-Added advanced shuffle cancellation options (Prefs -> Queue -> Shuffle Cancellation)
-Added ability to change the order of the views on the Navigation bar (prefs -> ui -> view order)
-Added ability to adjust gesture sensitivity (prefs -> now playing -> vertical/horizontal sensitivity)
-Added 'Shuffle' to the context menu which will play the selection and turns on shuffle queue
-Added option to Long press the tag area in now playing to show the Jump To Playing menu (prefs -> now playing -> jump to playing menu)
-Added a preference local backup/restore option (prefs -> general -> backup)
-Added opus, and wma lossless support
-Added menu option to create new playlist in the Playlists view (menu -> new)
-Added ability to add to the end of a playlist file (Context menu -> 'Add To Playlist')
-Added "Next Track's Filename" to the displayed tags list
-Added jump to playing artist/albumartist/album/genre/folder via "Jump To Playing Menu"
-Added "Jump To Playing Menu" and "Play Random Track" to the gesture actions

Updates / Improvements:
-Switched ogg decoder from ffmpeg to Tremor to improve decoding performance
-Bug fixes/improvements for tta, wma, alac, ape, wav, and wv decoders
-Removed opencore dependency for mp3 and aac demuxers
-Improved support for itunes gapless tags in the mp3 comment field
-Renamed Playlist view to Queue
-Improved tag writing performance
-Improved loading speed of embedded album art
-Changed the default slot 4 tag to rating (was genre before)
-Search will now AND each word instead of searching for the whole string ("all that" = "all" AND "that")
-Updated status icons
-Minor adjustments to the scanner layout to display better on smaller screens
-Changed default single tap gesture to do nothing
-Removed gradient backgrounds to tag editor, scanner, about, whats new, compatibility, error log, help, image selection, and widget setup views
-Parameterized sqlite queries for increased performance
-Decreased font size in the Compatibility view
-Improved file browser list positioning when jumping to folder
-Added border and curved edges to launcher icon
-Moved database stats, auto scan, and clean database to the preferences
-The tag editor can now edit whole folders
-Made the playing toasts translatable
-Song will now fade out when a crossfade is not possible (different sample rates / channel count)
-Split playlist preferences into Queue and Playlists preferences
-Local album art search will now scan folders with "art" in the name
-Added option to open the keyboard when switching to the search view (Prefs -> Search -> Open Keyboard)
-Added descriptions to Single Button Actions preferences
-Set long press gesture to jump to playing menu by default
-Improvements to random album and song selection to reduce repeats
-Sped up the file scanner
-An email address is now needed to manually send an error report
-Now playing slots are now limited to 3 lines of text each
-Updated ACRA to 4.4.0
-DRM protected WMA files will no longer attempt to play

-Fixed issue where decreasing the volume using a gesture would change the volume 2 steps instead of 1
-Fixed jump to playing folder bug when the playing song is in the root folder
-Fixed bug in file browser that would prevent you from going back to the previous folder
-Fixed issues crossfading to or from a song shorter than the crossfade time
-Fixed some crashes when using external skins on motorola devices
-Fixed fade out when crossfade is not possible when eq is disabled
-Fixed some issues when trying to save tags to a currently playing track
-Fixed crash in 4.2 when trying to play back certain mp3 files
-Fix for some m4a files playing fast
-Fixed bug that would cause nothing to happen when attempting to play a file from an external file browser
-Fixed issue where %MPLAYSTATE was not set to STOPPED when the queue ended
-Fixed some bugs related to reading mp3 tags
-Fixed issue where the horizontal seek bars would get cut off at the edges on certain devices


  1. This is great, and the last update was incredible, but there is a problem with the widgets: They are so slow!

    1. yup they are.. not sure if you saw when i replied to your post about slow widgets a few weeks ago

      "Widgets work correctly but yes they are slow, I will be rewriting the background logic soon"

  2. This last update is great! Been enjoying the update massively but I was wondering... why cant you swipe from tab to tab (i.e. artist to albums) by just swiping the screen instead of swiping and clicking on the tabs (like Holo music player)? Gets a bit annoying when you have a big phone and have to change your hand position to reach the tabs! I understand the now playing tab has all the gestures so to switch from now paying screen to any other screen would not work but maybe an option to disable now playing gestures and activate "smooth" navigation might be an idea.. Anyways big kudos and keep it up! :)

    1. When I first wrote the user interface it was before fragments, viewpager and the other nice UI elements were added to the UI. I did skin the UI to look like ICS but under the hood its still the old code.

      I made a decision to add tons of new features instead of spending months to rewrite the UI just to get the swiping feature. Now the next major update (1.5) is going to focus on tablet optimizations which does require fragments and a more modern user interface so I plan on taking the plunge and do a rewrite. After that the swiping will be there

    2. Aaahh perfect! I understand it must be a big job so no pressure, I was just giving some feedback for your consideration. Thanks for the quick reply and good luck! :D