Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's next?

Now that 1.3.x is pretty stable, I will focus my attention on the next major update.  So what is planned for 1.4?


Rating support has been a popular request so I will add that.  Ideally ratings will be saved/written to the tags.  I would also like to include the ability to rating artists and albums (this will be useful for the smart playlists)

Smart Playlists

Smart playlists are pretty straight forward.  You define the criteria you want like "Song Rating > 4 and Genre = Rock", and a playlist is created based off the music in your library.  The user can then decide to shuffle songs that match the criteria or create an actual playlist of X amount of songs that match.  Criteria will also be able to be weighted so you could set up a smart playlist that will play songs rated over 3 70% of the time.    

Jump to X View from now playing

I will add the ability to jump straight to the playing artist, song, album, folder, and genre straight from now playing.  Selecting the song info area of now playing will bring up a menu asking you where to jump to.  You will be able to turn this behavior off of course and there will be a new entry to the gesture actions if that is how you would rather use it.

Additional format support

The current plan is to add support for WMA lossless and raw AAC (ADTS).  WMA lossless support will be dependent on ffmpeg.

Improved cue support

Embedded cue support will be added and possibly some other things like editing existing cue files

Advanced metadata display in now playing

The ability to completely customize the metadata section of now playing will be added.  A list of variables will be available to the user and they can define how it is displayed.  Example %TrackNo% - %Artist% - %TrackName% would show 01 - Artist - Track

As you can see there is a lot planned, so there wont be many new updates besides some bug fixes for awhile.  Beta versions will be available for testing on the forums.